Phill Grove AMPS Review

Greetings! If your reading this then you’ve already aware of the huge buzz that is transpiring throughout the RE Investor Nation (and even Realtors) in regards to the Phill Grove AMPS investing system also call Assignment Of Mortgage Profits System or AMPS for short.

As a one of the first people to ever know about the system I can remember like yesterday when my team, the REI Rockstars, and I headed up to Phill Grove’s mansion to close the first ever Phill Grove AMPS deal.

Now I must admit. Phill Grove has a huge multi-million dollars house, bigger than anything I’ve ever been in. The house is nestled up on the hills and inside it has a theater, I mean a real theater! In the back there is a  huge pool complete with a water fall. It is truly a sight to behold and I will admit it, I was shamelessly snapping pictures on my cell phone.

So this was the first AMPS Phill Grove deal ever. We were pumped, because though Phill Grove had taught us Phill Grove AMPS, we were the first ones to actually get a deal. So I can say first hand that it does work, as we have built a multiple deal a month business doing Phill Grove AMPS in the field.

I have to say, from personal experience, and having talked to hundreds of other investors and realtors who are pumped about this new strategy, that there is one th ing I must tell you about  Phill Grove AMPS .

What Phill Grove AMPS teaches you to do is more than just the deal, most importantly he teaches you how to find deals through marketing. That is an important point to consider when doing Phill Grove AMPS deals.

It’s not especially difficult and in the sense that it’s not rocket science or like learning Japanese. But you do have to actually do it.

To conclude, to be successful with Phill Grove AMPS you have to be willing to do the marketing. If you’re not willing to do that, then Phill Grove AMPS is not for you.

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